Our Solution

Outstanding durability
and optimal aerodynamics

Armour Edge is an ultra-tough and aerodynamically optimal leading edge protection solution for wind turbine blades that minimises maintenance cost and maximises energy production.
Existing leading edge protection solutions such as paints, tapes and soft shells typically only protect blades for three to five years and result in an inefficient cycle of repairs with worsening aerodynamics, potential structural damage and excessive downtime. In contrast, the Armour Edge solution delivers outstanding durability ensuring blades maintain an excellent aerodynamic profile.

Less downtime £

Restores aerodynamics

Proven durability

Ultra-tough material

The Armour Edge solution comprises a series of semi-flexible erosion shields, employing an ultra-tough formulation of thermoplastic material, which extensive rain erosion testing has demonstrated should deliver outstanding durability against leading edge erosion in excess of 20 years.

Geometric design

Each series of erosion shields is custom designed to match the specific leading edge geometry of the outer third portion of operational wind turbine blade models. In a proprietary process, the relevant leading edge geometry data is captured and processed to generate a series of CAD designs of thermoforming tools and erosion shields.

Precise thermoforming

Extruded sheets of proprietary ultra-tough material are thermoformed into a series of erosion shields up to a metre long which are then trimmed and quality control checked to ensure a high precision fit for all blades of that type. 

Aerodynamic surface

Armour Edge erosion shields also feature chamfered edges to deliver a smooth surface transition between the erosion shield and the blade, which is critical in ensuring the optimal aerodynamic performance of leading edge protection and therefore maximum annual energy production and return on investment.

Simple, inexpensive application

Armour Edge is simple to apply and can be installed rapidly by trained technicians, using either rope access or via platforms.